2017 Classes

1. Brass Era Pre 1916 1 & 2 Cylinders
2. Brass Pre 1916 3+ Cylinders < 30 HP
3. Brass Pre 1916 3+ Cylinders > 30 HP
4. Lozier Reunion

5. American Production 1920 – 1939
6. European Production 1920 – 1939
7. American Production 1940 – 1967
8. European Production 1940 – 1967

10. American Survivor to 1955
11. European Survivor to 1955
12. American Survivor 1956 – 1967
13. European Survivor 1956 – 1967

14. Celebration of American Performance to 1970

16. Corvettes C1 1953 – 1962
17. Corvettes C2 1963 – 1967

18. British Sports Cars Pre 1961

18A  MG Automobiles through 1967

18B  Austin Healey Automobiles through 1967

19. British Sports Cars 1961 – 1973

20. European Sports Cars to 1970

21. Porsche Sports Cars thru 356

22. Porsche Sports Cars 911, 912, 914 and 916(all air cooled)

23. Fabulous Fins of the 1950’s & 60’s:
       24A. General Motors
       24B. Ford 
       24C. Chrysler
       24D. Orphans + European

24A. Motorcycles 1 Pre-war
24B. Motorcycles 2 to 1966

26. Panoz Class (all)

2017  Featured Classes

Motorcycles: (click  for more information)

The 2017 Atlanta Concours d’Elegance will include two judging fields of
pre- and post-war motorcycles and motorcycle exhibitions for attendees
to enjoy during the two day event. You won’t want to miss the opportunity
to experience the art and engineering of these fabulous machines. Mingle
with owners and other motoring enthusiasts and learn more about the
journey and history of the 2017 Atlanta Concours motorcycle entrants.

Fabulous Fins of the Fifties:

With airplanes entering the jet age by the 1950s and the public’s obsession for speed,  Detroit began to design their automobiles with an aerodynamic look. So in the 1950s and 1960s American automobiles would come to resemble a jet with its tail fins. It was doubtful that any fin would help an automobile go any faster than it’s engine could propel it. However, before the 1950s and 1960s were over, the builders in Detroit would be adding fins to almost every car. The 1948 Cadillac was the first. The 1959 Cadillac’s fin was a sleek design that was an aerodynamic work of art. Perhaps the most famous of all the Detroit tail fins is the one Chevrolet offered customers in 1957.

Lozier Automobiles:
A unique American Brass Era icon, the Lozier was America’s first supercar. Loziers were top of the line luxury automobiles, fast and beautiful; extremely well-constructed and basically the undefeated champions of speedway racing, road racing and 24 hour contests. Aside from being incredibly well engineered and superbly built, the Lozier automobiles were also incredibly fast and reliable. When prestigious automobiles were priced around $2,000 to $3,000, the 1910 Lozier models were priced upwards of $7,000. (This is when the average American made $750 per year) The Lozier was truly the “American Rolls Royce” of its time.

The Magnificent Seven: (click for more information)                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Unique to the Atlanta Concours weekend, the “Magnificent Seven Competition” will be making its own debut during our Saturday’s “Drivers at the Chateau.” Judges will choose seven exceptional cars from the show field to participate in Sunday’s Concours d’Elegance within their own special class.  The ‘Magnificent Seven’ is the first program of its kind offering a concours role to non-concours-ready vehicles.  “It’s a unique opportunity to grow involvement for car aficionados who may not be car collectors in the usual concours-sense but still are enthusiasts that take deep pride in the vehicles they own and restore themselves,” said Keith Martin, the 2017 head judge. 

“We’ll be looking for seven exceptional vehicles that stand out based on unique attributes and offer those vehicles and their owners the chance to publicly showcase their car within an authentic and highly regarded setting on the Sunday Concours show field.”  Additionally, all attendees of Saturday’s Drivers at the Chateau event will have the chance to win a Sunday General Admission ticket to the Concours d’Elegance by matching their own seven choices prior to those named by the officials.