2017 Non-Profit Partners

In our quest to affiliate with non-profit organizations in the Atlanta Metropolitan area, we identified hundreds of worthy contenders.  Making a choice among them was almost impossible. However, one organization stood out because of their commitment to Georgia and their unique mission to serve all non-profits throughout the Metropolitan Atlanta area.  


For the past 25 years, the Atlanta Community ToolBank has equipped over 800,000 volunteers.  Last year the ToolBank loaned out over $1.6 million worth of tools to almost 50,000 volunteers to complete over 2200 service projects in the Metro Atlanta area. The Atlanta Community ToolBank mission is to steward an inventory of tools for lending to charitable organizations to increase the impact of there mission-related efforts in the community.

The Atlanta Community ToolBank shares its resources with charitable groups so they can equip volunteers to efficiently complete work in less time, with the right tools, at minimal costs. Using ToolBank tools, nonprofits avoid the expense of purchasing, repairing and storing tools.

For example, a non-profit organization need only spend $100 at the ToolBank in tool handling fees to equip 50 volunteers instead of purchasing a few tools from a local hardware store for around $100 to equip just a handful of volunteers. Today the ToolBank houses 237 types of tools within an inventory of over 42,000 individual tools. Tools range from a simple hammer or shovel to generators and tillers.

The Atlanta Community ToolBank is now being replicated across the United States through its national organization, ToolBank USA.  For more information, click on their logo above.