Artists Market

Automobile art is all the rage with Concours collectors and enthusiasts.  New to the show this year, well known automotive artists will show their creative art  in the Merchants Walk located adjacent to the Food Pavilion.  Please look for them at the show.  

Bobbie Crews

Knoxville, TN



Phone: 865-591-0831

Facebook: Bobbie Crews Studio

About the Artist:

Crews’ paintings bring out the human element in her subject focusing on the connections between us and our material possessions. She’s known for her “Intimate Portraits of Automobiles”, showing her work in Concours d’Elegance automobile shows as well as museum exhibitions focusing on the automobile as fine art. Her perspective is centered on capturing the character and the story within the subject and is said to favor a “Rubinesque” perspective in her automotive work. It’s an especially feminine and unusual viewpoint.

Crews lives and works in Knoxville, TN. She teaches workshops, does courtroom sketching, portraits, murals, consulting and design, juries and critiques art shows. Her work is shown internationally, and her BFA is from the University of Tennessee. She accepts commissions from anywhere.

Lory Lockwood

New Orleans, LA

Website Paintings:

Website Prints:


Facebook: Lory Lockwood Art

About the Artist:

Lory Lockwood graduated with a BFA from Tulane University and then later earned an MFA at the Vermont School of Fine Arts.  Early on in her painting career she discovered the Photorealist movement and was hooked.  Working from photographs her style became super realistic and at the same time, she began seeing colorful reflections in automobiles and motorcycles.

Growing up outside New York, she learned to drive in a 1966 Mustang and dated a guy who had a Harley Davidson. She rode the Bronx River Parkway in a Mercedes Gull Wing and learned to drive a stick shift on a 911 Porsche.  Loving New Orleans, Lory never left after graduating. She now also spends her summers in North Carolina with her husband, fellow artist Tony Watts.

Upcoming shows include a solo exhibit at the AACA Museum in Hershey, featured artist at the Cars in Art II at the Ohr-O’Keefe Museum of Art in Biloxi and a Luster Car and Motorcycle Show at the Museum of Arts and Sciences in Daytona, FL.

Tony Watts

New Orleans, LA

(504) 390-4854

About the Artist:

Tony Watts describes his work as “mixed media photography.” By combining archival photographs in layers on wood panels or stretched canvas, he creates three dimensional images. Screws, pins and spacers produce a new illusion of depth.

Subject matter for his auto series is obtained from car shows and concours events such as Pebble Beach, Dayton, and Hershey.

Tony has shown his work at Radnor Hunt, the Highlands Motor Festival and numerous art shows. This year he has displayed his work at the British Car Show in New Orleans, the Amelia Island Concours and Keeneland. He will also be one of the featured artists at the Cars in Art II show at the Ohr-O’Keefe Museum in Biloxi.

Tony is also a car enthusiast and owns a 1959 Triumph TR3A (restored) and a 1966 XKE 2+2 coupe (sorely in need of a restoration !) – British cars of course because Tony was born in Wales. He now spends his winters in New Orleans and summers in North Carolina. He is married to fellow automotive artist Lory Lockwood.

Lawrence Gardinier

Marietta, GA


Landline: 770 924 5722

Mobile: 678 469 9942


Facebook: Lawrence Gardinier

Instagram: larrygardinier

About the Artist:

Lawrence Gardinier has a passion for automobiles. His life has revolved around automotive art for more than 20 years. On this website you will find original paintings, drawings and posters. While here you can shop in the store and take a look at the galleries of past artwork. If you have or had a vehicle that’s your pride and joy Lawrence can do a custom commission for your home, shop or office.

Jeffrey Lorber

Alpharetta, GA




Cell: 678-429-8212

About the Artist:

I SHOOT CARS!  My passion is automobile photography (Rust ‘n Chrome) whether it is a rusted hulk or a sleek Lamborghini. You may purchase prints from me directly or I will travel to shoot your car.

Rachel Shuler

Charlotte, North Carolina


Phone:  704-557-0225

About the Artist:

Originally from Great Britain, my training and education was in science. I realized, soon after finishing my degree, that I was really being pulled towards the creative sector and I began working as a graphic designer and jewelry artist.

It was whilst living in California, however, that I really fell in love with photography. One day, on a whim, I picked up a camera and was instantly hooked. My direction changed forever! 

Now located in the Carolinas, I own and operate Mountain Tree Studios photography and design, whilst pursuing my passion for  fine art photography.

The primary influence for my art photography comes from my love of, and personal identification with the landscape. My images are a response to the emotion, mood and ‘sense’ of a place, rather than its literal representation, but I’m also  fascinated with the beauty, rhythm and patterns of light and landscape.

When photographing in urban environments, I’m strongly drawn to shadows, reflections and patterns of light — how it seems to be “there, but not there”; essentially creating something from nothing.