Bob Varsha is one of the premier television commentators of the automotive world. He has appeared on virtually every major network, broadcast and cable, building a résumé including everything from tractor pulls to collector car auctions, motorcycle racing, NASCAR, Indycar, drag racing, the renowned Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans sports car classic. He is perhaps best known, however, for his 25-year tenure covering the Formula One World Championship. 

A former world-class runner and graduate of Dartmouth College and Emory University School of Law, Bob’s athletic activities made him an ideal candidate for an unexpected opportunity with Turner Broadcasting and it’s networks WTBS and CNN in 1980. At Turner he worked in television and radio, reporting both news and sports and hosting topical interview program, Between the Lines. The Turner connection led to an opportunity with the ground-breaking racing highlight showMotorweek Illustrated, and the beginning of his long career in motorsports television. 

Four years later found him at ESPN, where he began his long association with grand prix racing while adding a variety of sports including gymnastics, cycling, figure skating, and track and field. In 1999 he embarked on a seventeen-year run with the Speedvision/Speed Channel networks, now part of Fox Sports, an association that ended in 2016. 

Now a freelance media commentator, writer and speaker, Bob and his wife Karen, a professional photographer with an industrial design background, live in Atlanta, Georgia.

Brass Era Icon Lozier Gathering 

While only in its second year, the Atlanta Concours is already celebrating a grouping of the rare, luxurious and performance-oriented Lozier automobiles – which not only happen to be America’s first super car, but an American Brass Era Icon.  With confirmed entries from Georgia, Pennsylvania and Tennessee, and expectations for a total of eight for theSeptember 30-October 1st Atlanta Concours event at Braselton’s Chateau Elan, the gathering of championship luxury cars, circa 1909 – 1915, is likely to be the first-of-its-kind to have shown at any Concours event and will be representative of the fewer than 600 Lozier vehicles built during the storied brand’s peak production in 1912.  There are less than 30 Lozier vehicles in the U.S. today.

When Co-Chairman of the Atlanta Concours Harry Krix spoke with Todd Lozier, a direct descendant of the founder, Henry A. Lozier Sr.; and himself a Lozier automobile owner, he was amazed at the captivating interest the brand still held today.  “Not only was the Lozier the most expensive car in its time (more than five times the price of a 1910 luxury Cadillac), but the vehicles captured numerous speed records – winning endurance trials and motor races — including the 1911 Vanderbilt Cup in Savannah Georgia.”

A Monthly Event brought to you by The Atlanta concours d’Elegance 
Open your garage, crank up your classic car (pre-1960 American, pre-1970 European) and motor over for a cup of coffee.  Mingle with other classic car enthusiasts at an informal gathering of classic cars to be held on the fourth Saturday of the month, March through September, at various locations around Atlanta.  We’ll bring our classic car if you’ll bring yours!
Date:    Sunday, April 30, 2017
Time:    9am – 11am
Place:   Bentley Atlanta
10995 Westside Parkway
Alpharetta, Georgia   30009
Endorsed by the~ Classic Car Club of America ~
1965 Iso Rivolta

In the conversations with even of the most ardent Italian automotive fanatics, the name Iso doesn’t come up very often; however, this small boutique car builder is often compared to its bigger Italian brothers: Ferrari and Maserati.   This 1965 Iso Rivolta is one of less than 700 cars produced by Iso and is a true 2+2 Grand Touring coupe.  The Chief Designer of the Iso Rivolta, Giotto Bizzarrini envisioned this car for long and memorable journeys; coupled with a powerful 327 cu. in. Corvette engine, advanced suspension and brakes the Rivolta model was every bit the measure of performance comparable to any of the other Italian car makers of the day.  

These cars were the pinnacle of Italian luxury and dependable American horsepower.  

This car, its proud owner and a great detective story and a 100 point restoration effort  can be seen and heard at the Atlanta Concours d’Elegance October 1, 2017 at the Chateau Elan Resort and Winery.