Among the forty judges taking the field at this years show will be notable personalities including…

2018 Head Judge David Kirkman

David A Kirkman

Longtime Jaguar enthusiast, Kirkman has more than twenty years of judging experience at Jaguar Clubs of North America (JCNA) events. He is a member of JCNA’s National Concours Committee and is a multi mark judge at Hilton Head Island, Boca Raton, Pinehurst, Winter Park and other concours related shows. He has authored articles on Jaguar History, Jaguar E-Types and Lotus automobiles for HHI and Winter Park Concours catalogs.

2018 Class List Designations

The official class list is subject to change.

A - Reunion of Nationals
B - Brass Era

B-1. Prior to1915 (over 50 HP)

B-2. Prior to 1915 (25-49 HP)

B-3. Prior to 1915 – 1 & 2 cylinder

C - Golden Era – 1920-1950

C-1. Rare Marque

C-2. Duesenberg

C-3. Senior Touring – 1920-1929

C-4. Senior V-12 and V-16 – 1930-1937

C-5. Senior Convertibles – 1928-1936

C-6. Senior Sporting Cars – 1928-1936

C-7. Pre-war Junior Series – 1927-1940

C-8. Pre-war Senior Cars – 1937-1941

D – American Production

D-1. Pre-war Production

D-2. Post-war Production

D-3. Post-war Cadillac- 1950s

D-4. American Performance – 1955-1970

E – American Woodies – 1945-1950
F – American/European Preservation

F-1. Preservation – Early – 1932-1942

F-2. Preservation – Late – 1955-1969

G – British Sport

G-1. Early – 1930-1947

G-2. Late – 1955-1969

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