The Saturday, October 19th invitational event will feature cars selected by the Atlanta Concours d’Elegance team. These chosen automobiles will be displayed on the parade field and compete in the ‘Magnificent Seven‘ competition.

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The “Magnificent Seven” Competition

Unique to the Atlanta Concours, the ‘Magnificent Seven’ Competition returns as part of the Atlanta Concours weekend. This season cars will compete in two classesGeneral and Preservation. Judges will choose seven exceptional cars in each class from the show field to participate in Sunday’s Concours d’Elegance within their own unique classes.

The ‘Magnificent Seven‘ is the first program of its kind offering a Concours role to non-Concours-ready vehicles. “It’s a unique opportunity to grow involvement for car aficionados who may not be car collectors in the usual Concours-sense; but, still are enthusiasts that take deep pride in the vehicles they own and restore themselves,” said Keith Martin.

“We’ll be looking for exceptional vehicles that stand out based on unique attributes and offer those vehicles and their owners the chance to publicly showcase their car within an authentic and highly regarding setting on the Sunday Concours show field.”

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