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On Saturday September 29, all officially accepted Concours d’Elegance entrants are invited to participate in a very special and exciting driving tour prior to Sunday’s show.  This driving tour is an opportunity to take a couple of “touring” laps at Road Atlanta, view a private car collection, and enjoy lunch on the Concours  show field. Concours d’Elegance tour participants will receive extra consideration from the judging committee for participating in the tour. Spaces are limited.

Saturday, September 29 Entrants Driving Tour Schedule

  • Concours entrants and their entered automobiles will gather in front of the Chateau Elan Winery.
  • Cars will leave and proceed to Road Atlanta.
  • Participants will enter the paddock and stage for a couple of “paced” laps on the world-famous road racing circuit after which they will have the opportunity to watch the “racers” on the track at full speed.
  • The tour will then proceed to drive thru the north Georgia countryside to view a private car collection.
  • The tour will return to the Concours site where the vehicles will be placed on the show field for photos and awarding of their commemorative medallions and food truck entree voucher. Participants  (maximum four per car) will have their choice of various lunch offerings from our fleet of Atlanta’s Best of the Best food trucks.  An exclusive reserved seating area will be available in the Food Pavillion.

After lunch and awards have been completed, entrants will have the opportunity to tour the show field and view “The Magnificent Seven” candidates and their awards presentation.  These seven vehicles will be selected from Saturday’s Drivers at the Chateau entries and moved to the Show field on Sunday to be judged as their own class.

Who can go on the tour?

Only officially accepted entrants in the Sunday, Atlanta Concours d’Elegance.

How many miles on the tour?

Chateau to Road Atlanta, approximately 10 miles; two laps at Road Atlanta 5 miles; Road Atlanta to view a private car collection and return to the Concours site 20 miles;  Total: 35 miles.

What is the private car collection that will be viewed on the tour?

On this year’s Atlanta Concours d’Elegance tour for the entrants is a visit to the Milton Robson collection in the north Georgia countryside.  This very private and outstanding collection is seldom shown to the public, it houses an incredible collection of “one off” creations as well as extremely desirable collector cars. This 1934 Chrysler Airflow is very rare in that it is a coupe model, very few were produced.  Also, in this collection is the very famous “Pink Lady” a one-off car special ordered by famed the “daVinci of Detroit” designer Harley Earl, for his wife. Features a Pontiac Catalina chassis with Bonneville trim, 389cid Tri-Power with 348hp and every accessory GM had at the time.

Where is lunch being served?

In a reserved seating area in the food pavilion on the Concours show field.

What is the cost of the Entrants Driving Tour and how can I register my car?

The Entrants Driving Tour fee is $50 per car and may be purchased on our website by choosing Event Tickets from the menu.  


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