Flawless weather, great people and some very notable Rolls-Royces and Bentleys on a tour through the Appalachian Mountains of North Georgia and North Carolina, May 9-12.  Photographer David Weaver and I were privileged to be invited to tag along with the Georgia portion of the tour which included a serious hill climb up Brasstown Bald Mountain (highest peak in Georgia at 4,783 ft).  It is a fantastic sight to see these great touring automobiles being driven as they were intended.  The climb up Brasstown Bald is no mean feat for even a modern automobile; each of these veterans on the tour made in all the way up with only one slight boil over; it was really an amazing accomplishment for the cars and their owners.  Down from the summit, the tour proceeded to the town of Helen, Georgia to enjoy a great lunch, wonderful fellowship and my all time favorite food: German.


The tour recalls the ever present “car world” conundrum: “drive it” or “trailer it”; I’m always torn between a 100-point perfect “trailer queen” and a road worthy, bug splattered windshield and front end chipped “road king”.   I still haven’t resolved that conflict, however this past tour really brought out what the car builders were aiming for: a wonderful time driving a great automobile.

Special thanks to all the tour members, our Host Denean Stafford and some exceptional photography by my pal David Weaver.  (https://www.davidweaver.photography/)

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