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The Atlanta Concours d’Elegance blazes a new trail in 2019 as it relocates to Tyler Perry Studios in downtown Atlanta—growing its significant weekend. The 2019 season includes the first annual Caffeine and Octane Invitational and highlights Bentley as the featured marque in honor of the brand’s 100th anniversary. The 2019 show is set for October 19th and 20th and blends the historic atmosphere of our new location with the vibrant City of Atlanta, all while showcasing vintage and modern-day vehicles from some of the rarest collections to be found nationwide. Additionally, the Metropolitan Chapters of 100 Black Men are adding their support to this year’s event. The Atlanta Concours d’Elegance looks forward to partnering with such a prestigious organization and the positive impact their participation will have on this event.

“The move to Tyler Perry Studios provides an absolutely unique, history-rich environment that is conveniently located—while placing the entrant vehicles in a setting reflecting the time period during the earliest years of automotive production.”

Tyler Perry Studios Aerial

Tyler Perry Studios is situated on 330 acres of historic land on the decommissioned Fort McPherson Army base originally built between 1885-1889. In 2015 Tyler Perry purchased a large portion of the base, which is now home to his movie studio—one of the largest in the country. Acutely aware of the history of the army base and the significance to the Atlanta community, Perry has kept the parade field intact, which is on the National Register of Historic places. The 11-acre Hedekin Parade Field is an authentic 19th century military parade field surrounded by same-era officer quarters and barracks all in a tree-lined, town square-like setting with majestic structures still in use. The military base has hosted notable dignitaries through the years, including General Patton, General MacArthur, President Franklin D. Roosevelt and General Colin Powell.

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